Byte sized Indian short stories for kids

Varnan - Inspiring Indian Short Stories For Kids
Stories Inspired By Indian Culture & Heritage
The Varnan mailbox brings the warmth of India to your children, one story a day, every weekday. We draw on traditional fables and folktales from all across the country for Varnan. And we tell the stories in ways that young children can understand and relate to.
Stories For Ages 6 To 106
Our curated collection of stories will encourage children to explore their imagination. These stories are anything but boring. A league apart from the regular bed-time stories, they are easy enough for young kids to understand and entertaining enough to keep even adults captivated!
Short. Interesting. Inspiring.
Varnan is like your favorite tale-telling grandparent. It sends you a daily story about Indian culture and heritage for kids. Every story is inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking.
Kids are simple. They get influenced & inspired by what they see, hear, and read. Parents want their kids to be aware of the rich history and traditions of India. But, parents do not have time to search, read and narrate these stories to their kids. What if you could get one such story every day in your mail? A story which you can then just tell your kids over dinner or as a bed-time story!
When you subscribe to Varnan, we send you 1 story every day from India's rich cultural heritage to your inbox! The stories will be fun and educational as well.
No need to scour the internet or log into ad-ridden websites in the pursuit of the perfect bed-time story. Our stories are delivered directly to your email. Just engage and inspire your children with these stories.
We write about stories and characters who can inspire kids. All our stories end with a message - be it of kindness, humbleness, curiosity, bravery, loyalty, or honesty.

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For a lifetime of learning for your child!

per month

  • 20+ Stories Every Month
  • Stories Inspired By Indian Culture, History, and Heritage
  • Enjoyable, easily understandable, and has a message
  • Written by writers passionate about India
  • Great as bedtime stories for kids
  • Kids will start learning and appreciating Indian culture
Varnan - Inspiring Indian Short Stories For Kids

Stories You & Your Child Would Love!

Why Varnan?

We bring to you tales that depict the rich heritage of India. These stories are engaging and serve as excellent bed-time stories.
Kids in India and abroad get very little exposure to Indian culture and heritage. Lack of such exposure makes them rootless and lose their cultural identity. Our stories help introduce them to our rich culture.

Getting my kids to bed is no more a chore. Varnan’s intriguing stories are like no other and make my children look forward to going to bed.
Vandana Gupta


Our stories are not only entertaining but they are also packed with values. Filled with inspirational characters, these stories set a great example for kids on how to be a better person.
Apart from teaching your child about Indian culture, these stories are also designed to teach values like compassion, love, honesty, integrity, loyalty, etc.

What Parents Are Saying About Varnan?

Varnan Stories Have Been A Game-Changer
Varnan Stories are a boon to any parents. These short and highly captivating stories help me keep my children away from the screens just before bed-time.
Vidhya M


Great Way To Introduce Indian Culture To Your Kids
My children are obsessed with the bed-time stories from Varnana. These stories depict Indian culture and are effective in educating children about their roots and values.
Sanjay Aggarwal


Our Dinner Is Not Complete Without A Varnan Story
It would be an understatement to say that my family loves Varnan stories. Reading these stories has become a part of our night routine. They are a refreshing change from regular fairytales.


Make Bharat Cool Again

In a world where parents are pushing their kids to pursue Maths, Science, and Coding - they unknowingly omit a very important part of kid's education. Learning from our culture, heritage, and centuries of compounded wisdom that exists in India. Even if parents realize the importance of learning from History, they seldom have the time and resources to search, research and find the right stories for their kids.
Not anymore!

You Focus On Story Telling, We Do The Rest!

We know that you probably do not have the time to scour the internet for a new story every day. Fret not, we bring to you a new original story every weekday. All you have to do is use your exceptional narration skills to fuel your child’s imagination!
Note: Storytelling not only build’s your child’s imagination and enhances their creativity but is also a beautiful bonding experience!

Less Than 15 Cents For A Story

Stories which highlight India's glorious past & present!

per month

  • 20+ Stories Every Month
  • Stories Inspired By Indian Culture, History, and Heritage
  • Enjoyable, easily understandable, and has a message
  • Written by writers passionate about India
  • Great as bedtime stories for kids
  • Kids will start learning and appreciating Indian culture
Varnan - Inspiring Indian Short Stories For Kids

Written By Writers Passionate About Indian Culture & Heritage

So what sets Varnan stories apart from the traditional folktales available on the internet? Varnan stories are written by exemplary writers who are knowledgeable and passionate about Indian culture and heritage. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these writers have one thing in coom. A passion for storytelling and a desire to spread knowledge about the enriching culture of India. You can’t find a better team to educate and entertain your kids with thought-provoking stories.

Parents Love Varnan

Entertaining but Factual
I was initially on the fence about the stories as I wasn’t sure about their authenticity. But I was gladly surprised. The writers have taken great care in maintaining the factuality of these stories without compromising on the creative factor.
Swati Bansal

New York, USA

Very Well-Written
The writers at Varnan have done a brilliant job at ensuring the stories are easy to read and understand. The articulate writing combined with fun storyline makes these the perfect bed-time stories
Anitha AK


OSurprisingly Educational
Almost every story I have received in my inbox from Varnan has had a moral to it. I love that these stories are not only amusing but are also enlightening and educational. My kids now look forward to learning a new “Moral” at the end of every story.
Gagandeep Singh

Montreal, Canada

Want Your Kids to Learn & Appreciate Indian History?

You will receive one interesting story every day drawn from Indian culture and heritage. Apart from teaching your child about Indian culture, these stories are also designed to teach values like love, honesty, integrity etc.

The stories are drawn from centuries of compounded wisdom found in India so the value your kids learn is the same as what would be learnt at a cultural heritage class in school.
The stories that have captured the imagination of generations past, but remain relevant today for modern kids.

You get an email every day with an Indian folk tale or legend that you can read to your child, so they are culturally closer to India.

Varnan is your one stop destination for truly inspiring stories about India

Frequenty Asked Questions

How will these stories about Indian culture and heritage help my child?

Our stories delve deep into India’s history and culture. These stories encompass all of India and give your kids an insight into the country’s rich heritage.

How many stories will Varnan send every month?

Varnan will send you one story every weekday for the entire month.

Will these stories be only about Indian mythological characters?

Our stories aren’t just limited to Indian mythological characters. We understand that there is more to Indian heritage than mythological stories and bring to you other fun reads.

How long will be these stories?

Our stories are long enough to keep your kids captivated but not so long that you’d fall asleep while narrating them.

Can these stories be used as bed-time stories?

Yes! They make for great bedtime stories as they are short, highly-entertaining, and a refreshing change from anything you’ve read before.

What if my child does not enjoy these stories?

In case you find that your kids are not enthralled with our stories, you can always cancel our subscription. You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel in the first week of the subscription.

Can I refer my friends to Varnan?

Of course! You can refer your friends and other parents to Varnan with our referral link!

Can I contribute a story?

Think you got a great story for us? We are all ears! Share your story with us if you think it is a good fit for us and we might have a little reward for you!

About Varnan


When I was a child, my grandma told me stories that have been forgotten by history textbooks. Stories about brave men and women, mysterious mythological characters, fiercely loyal animals.

As I grew up, we moved away and now there is no one to tell these stories to my younger sister. I realized that lots of kids are missing out on centuries of compounded wisdom embedded within Indian history, culture, & heritage. That's when I started working on Varnan.

I want to keep centuries old Indian wisdom alive. I strongly believe that if we don't pass this knowledge and wisdom to the next generation, it will not be long before we lose most of it.

I'm sure you will like our stories. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write at

I hope Varnan can be the grandma everyone needs!

Varnan - Inspiring Indian Short Stories For Kids