10 life lessons from Krishna!

If you have read Mahabharata, you will know all about Krishna. The noble being who changed the world with his teachings. He is more than a God, he is a leader and a spiritual guide. Known for his kindness, wit, and strength, Krishna has served as a great model to people. We bring to you 10 life lessons all kids can learn from Krishna.

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Important life lessons to learn from Krishna!

  1. Live in the present

This is one of the most important lessons kids can learn from Krishna. Even though Krishna focuses on and plans for the future, he never fails to live in the present. He practised mindfulness, the act of focusing and living in the moment instead of worrying about the past or the future. This skill helps one make memories and live a less stressful life. 

  1. To be dutiful

Despite being the Lord of the universe, Krishna never shied away from his duties. It is one of the things he is well-known for. Krishna stressed the importance of completing your duties by yourself. He taught people to fulfil their duties without focusing on the outcome. He willed people to enjoy the journey rather than be driven by the results.

  1. Never give up on what you love

Even though he was burdened with saving the kingdom, being a good king, and answering his devotee’s every prayer, Krishna always made time for what he loved. Krishna’s love for his flute and music is not surprising to anyone who has read about him. Krishna never stopped pursuing his love for music and it brought him peace even in the midst of a war. Regardless of what is going on in your life, it is always important to spare time for the things you love.

  1. Be humble

One would expect the Lord of the universe to be haughty or above all but that is never the way Krishna behaved. He always stayed humble and respected his elders. This character trait made him loveable and earned him devotees from all over the world. Krishna showed that you do not win over people by power but you win them over by being kind and showing everyone respect.

  1. Sometimes sacrifice is necessary

Krishna had to make some tough decisions during the battle of Kurukshetra including making some sacrifices to win the battle. Sometimes, life demands sacrifices, be it getting out of your comfort zone or putting your ego second. In order to succeed in life, you should be able to sacrifice and compromise at times for the bigger picture. 

  1. Everyone deserves respect

Krishna respected every person, animal, or living being he encountered, He believed that everyone deserves respect regardless of their societal status or job. Spiritually, we are all the same and Krishna showed us that by treating everyone with the same respect.

  1. The importance of friendship

Krishna valued his friendships greatly which is evident by his love for his childhood friend Sudhama. When Krishna found out that Sudhama was struggling to put food on the table, he gifted him with shelter, food, and luxury. This can teach kids a lesson or two about being loyal to our friends or being there for them in their time of need.

  1. Happiness does not come from materialistic things

This is one of the most imperative lessons you can teach your child. Krishna always preached about finding happiness within oneself as opposed to relying on other people or materialistic things. While a new toy or a video game might put a smile on your child’s face, it is temporary. True happiness lies in the little things in life and the sooner your children realise that, the happier they will be.

  1. Everything happens for a reason

Krishna was a big believer in fate and destiny. While one should not always rely on fate, it helps to think that behind everything, there is a reason. Whether good or bad, everything happens for a reason. The key lies in staying calm and trusting yourself and the universe.

  1. Unconditional love is the key

Everything Krishna did was fuelled by unconditional love. His kindness, humility, and affection for people around him were because of his unconditional love. Regardless of what curveball life throws at you, if you lead by love, you will never fail.

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