Why is the Kuldhara Village abandoned?

The land of India is full of stories. Some stories depict brave heroes fighting for their motherland, some depict timeless love between two souls. But there are also stories that are mysterious and dark. Such stories and related places have always attracted people who are in search of a thrill. Kuldhara Village is one such place. Kuldhara is an abandoned village known for its paranormal history. It is one of India’s most haunted places.

Some three centuries ago, Kuldhara village was like any other village of that time. The village had small houses, the main temple, a well, and a dirt road leading up to the village. And like every other village it also had a village head, also known as Pradhan. The village was part of a bigger kingdom, ruled by a King. But what separates this village from others is that it was abandoned for reasons unknown.

Over the years, many stories and theories have come up explaining the migration of Kuldharas villagers. The explanations are both scientific as well as supernatural. But it is the latter that interests everyone. 

The myth goes like this. The ruler of the state was visiting Kuldhara village. His name was Salim Singh. His objective was to collect taxes from the villagers. Modern-day Rajasthan is mostly desert. And it is safe to say, the conditions were pretty similar 300 years ago as well. The village was unable to give the expected amount of tax. Salim Singh’s eye fell upon the beautiful daughter of the Pradhan. So in return for tax relaxation, he demanded her. The villager loved the Pradhan and his daughter was like their own.

There are two different accounts of how the story ends. In the first one, the villagers decided to not give the daughter away. They instead jointly decided to leave the village and settle in some other village. But before they left, they cursed Kuldhara village. The curse made sure that the village was inhabitable by people even for a single night.

In the second story, Pradhan married off his daughter to someone else. But Salim was madly in love with her. With a broken heart, he cursed the village. His curse was that no one would be able to leave Kuldhara village ever. So the villagers’ soul remains trapped even today, haunting anyone who visits the place.

When the abandoned village was discovered, it also attracted a lot of historians and archaeologists. They have a more logical explanation for this migration. Many believed that high taxation forced the villagers to flee from the kingdom. Other guess that this region of Rajasthan was prone to attacks from outside forces. Any such attack could have forced the villagers to migrate. Rajasthan boasts a high number of abandoned villages and forts. A big reason according to the scientists is the drying up of the nearby water body. This could very well be the case for Kuldhara’s abandonment.

Irrespective of the cause, this village is now a popular tourist attraction. It attracts both Indian as well as foreign tourists to its grounds. The Indian government has put its welfare under the ASI, Archeological Survey of India. A board is put up by the ASI, right at the entrance of the village. The board warns tourists to not spend their night in Kuldhara village.

Whether one believe in the Paranormal or not, this place should be part of everyone’s travel bucket list. Apart from the supernatural aspect, Kuldhara village also shows a glimpse of life three centuries ago. The village was vacated in such haste that time seems to have stopped there. Whether it is because of the trapped souls or just the vibe of the ruins, it remains with you even after you leave the village.

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