Lord Lakshmana was one of the four sons of King Dasrath. He was born to queen Sumitra. Rama was his elder brother. Rama was the incarnation of God Vishnu. An Avatar he had taken to destroy the evil of Ravana. Laxman was the incarnation of Sheshnag. Sheshnag was the gigantic snake on which Vishnu rests. He was born to protect Ram and all his loved ones. And just like his snake form, he always accompanied Rama. He was named Laxman, as he was destined to achieve every target he wanted to achieve.

Growing up, Laxman was the biggest and the roughest of all brothers. He was also known to be a hothead. During their days in gurukul, Guru Vasistha would often take him and Rama to kill demons in other kingdoms.

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All four brothers got married on the same day. Laxman married the younger sister of Sita, Urmila.

Six years later when Rama got exiled, Laxman came along with him. He requested Rama to take him up as a protector of him and Sita. Rama agreed as he did not want to leave Sita vulnerable while hunting. Before going into exile Laxman did a ritual to please the goddess of sleep, Nidra. He requested her to never let him sleep during these fourteen years. Nidra blessed Laxman and for the next fourteen years, Laxman guarded Rama and Sita all day and all night long. In return for this boon, Nidra asked Urmila to complete the sleep quota of Laxman. Urmila slept for both herself and Laxman.

Once during the exile, Ravana’s sister Surpnakha saw Rama and Laxman. Surpnakha was renowned for her beautiful nose. Captivated by the looks of Rama, Surpnakha tried manipulating him into leaving his wife. When Rama rejected her she tried the same with Laxman and he too rejected her. Enraged by the rejection, Surpnakha attacked Sita. In an act of defence, Laxman sliced off her nose. Surpnakha went to her brother Ravana and asked him to take her revenge.

Ravana’s revenge plan required him to distract Rama and Laxmana. He asked his uncle Marichi to lure Rama and Laxman into the forest. Marichi was a shapeshifter and he transformed into a golden buck. At Sita’s request, Rama went after the buck. From the wilderness of the forest, Marichi started shouting the name of Laxman. Intrigued by the commotion Sita urged Laxman to go and check on Rama. Before leaving the hut, Laxman brought his arrow out. He drew a line around the hut while chanting a mantra. Laxman informed Sita that no one can go past this line and that she does not cross it until they come back. This line was known as Laxman Rekha.

During the battle with Ravana, his son Meghnath was the strongest opponent. He had many powerful weapons and the chariot of God Indra himself. Meghnath had the boon of invincibility as well. According to his boon, only a man who had not slept for more than twelve years can kill him. Meghnath had cunningly asked for such a boon. He never thought that a man can survive for so long without sleep. In his overconfidence, he let his guard down against Laxman. Meghnath’s ignorance cost him his life as Laxman killed him.

Years later when Rama was about to leave this human realm he informed Laxman about this. Laxman had to leave the realm first and wait for Rama as his mount. He jumped into the Sarayu river and ended his life as Laxman.

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