Lord Rama was the seventh avatar of God Vishnu. His birth was meant for the death of demon king Ravana. Ravana was a demon who through his devotion had gained unmatchable powers. Under his reign no one was safe. He would attack demi-gods, sages, monks, and common villagers. His acts also gave confidence to other demons and their numbers and activities grew. Rama gave an end to this age of demons.

Rama was born to the king of Ayodhya, Dasrath. Dasrath was known for his strong virtues and principles. Rama and his brothers grew up admiring them. 

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Guru Vasistha took Rama to the swayamvar of Sita. King Janak, father of Sita had put up a condition for the invited princes. They had to lift a bow that Sita had lifted in her childhood. The bow was the weapon of Lord Shiva, named Pinaka. Many princes tried and failed. Lastly, Rama attempted to lift it. As he walked up to the bow he could feel the presence of Lord Shiva in it. So he folded his hand in respect to Shiva and asked his permission to lift his bow.

Such humility was the reason why Rama was able to lift it. He not only lifted it but also broke it. This angered God Parshuram who had gifted Janak the bow. He presented himself in the court intending to kill whoever had broken the bow. But after talking to Rama he realized that Rama was the incarnation of Vishnu. He apologized for his anger and returned peacefully.

Years later, Rama was summoned by King Dasrath. When Rama went to meet his father, he could see tears in his eyes. He calmly asked Dasrath if anything bad had happened. Dasrath tells him about the vows he had given to Kaikeyi and the demands she had put forward. This news could not hamper the calmness on Rama’s face. He felt happy for his brother Bharat even if it meant exile for him. 

Rama’s concerns began when both Sita and Laxman wished to join him in exile. He did not want them to suffer on his behalf. But the tears of both Sita and Laxman compelled Rama into taking them with him.

After a month of exile, Bharat comes up to meet Rama. He brought the sad news of their father’s demise. Bharat asks Rama to come back and take his rightful place as the king of Ayodhya. But how could Rama break the promise of his father and that too his last promise? Rama sends Bharat back to rule Ayodhya until he comes back.

In the eleventh year of exile, Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Rama searched for Sita everywhere. Eventually, they found Hanuman, who led them to the Vanars. Rama, along with Vanar Sena attacked Lanka and defeated Ravana. Rama and Sita were reunited and they returned to Ayodhya. Upon their arrival, Rama was crowned the king of Ayodhya.

For the sake of public satisfaction, Sita had to live her remaining life as an outcast. Rama has done the duty of a husband for twenty years, now it was time for him to do the duty of a king. And a good king always chooses his people over his family. Sita too understood his sentiments and left Ayodhya. Both of them lived the remainder of their life with the pain of separation.

Rama’s life was far from perfect. He lived fourteen years in the jungles, couldn’t perform his father’s last rites, lost his wife, fought for her, and again had to leave her. But this is what makes his story worth reading a thousand times. 

We as human beings are bound to suffer. Rama’s story is an inspiration to go through this pain gracefully. Billions of people pray to him not because of his power, adventurous stories, his love, or his victory. It is because of the way he conducted himself throughout the ups and downs of his life. We pray to him not to take away our struggles but to give us the strength to go through them as gracefully as he did.

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