The story of India’s sports icon- PV Sindhu.

If you ever had the chance to roam the streets of India in winter, you are bound to see children playing the sport of Badminton on the roads. Though Badminton was super popular in India as an indoor sport, it lacked a face, an icon of the game. P.V. Sindhu filled that spot perfectly. A tall, dark, lanky, athletic Sindhu took the badminton world by surprise. In her, India saw one of its most successful athletes.

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu inherited her sporty genes from her parents. Both her father P.V Ramana and mother P. Vijaya were national-level volleyball players. This meant that both of them had great heights. As a result Sindhu too had the gift of a tall and sporty physique.

During her childhood, her parents wanted her to play volleyball. She was also part of her school’s girl’s volleyball team. The game of badminton was not on her radar. But one day it all changed. It was 11th march of the year 2001. Sindhu returned from her school to find her family enthusiastically watching the badminton final of the All England Open. Representing India was Gopichand. And in a thrilling second set of 15-12, Gopichand won the final. This win made an impact on the young Sindhu. Soon she became interested in Badminton and even sooner she was good at it.

This connection between Gopichand and PV Sindhu continued when Sindhu joined Gopi’s training academy. Even though Gopi’s academy was 56 km away from Sindhu’s residence, she decided to go through it. Her dedication to come to the institution from so far away and give her all in the training did not go unnoticed. Gopichand himself quoted that the most significant feature of Sindhu is her willingness and her never die attitude.

During this period PV Sindhu went on to win a lot of titles. The most significant of all was the gold in under 14 at the 51st National games. After this  Sindhu was seen as a prodigy. She left Gopichand academy and started training under a Korean coach named Park Tae Sung.

At the age of just 14, Sindhu won Junior Asian Championship. This was the first time an Indian achieved this feat. Two years later, in the 2012 summer Olympics, she shocked the world. Sindhu defeated the previous gold medalist to enter the semi-final. She lost in the semi-final but won a lot of praise.

Hopes were very high for Sindhu as she entered the 2016 Rio Olympics. Indian fans were expecting a medal from Sindhu. And Sindhu did not disappoint. Sindhu reached the finals, ensuring a podium finish for India. She lost to the number one ranked player of that time, Carolina Marin, in the finals.

But even in her loss, PV Sindhu created history for India. She became the youngest medalist for India in the Olympics. She also became the first woman athlete to win silver in the Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics of 2021 saw her winning a bronze. She became the first Indian woman to win two consecutive medals in the Olympics.
PV Sindhu’s glorious journey reached another milestone when she finally grabbed a gold medal in the Commonwealth games of 2022.

At the age of just 27, Sindhu is India’s one of most decorated players. In the next Olympics, she would still, be just 30 years old and would undoubtedly be a contender for another medal. Pv Sindhu is already an icon in the Indian sports scenario and with age at her side, she could go on to become a legendary figure.

FAQs on PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu husband?


PV Sindhu age?

27 years.

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PV Sindhu coach?

Park Tae Sung.

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